Leonie Cohen's "Jerusalem" (CD)

Leonie Cohen's "Jerusalem" (CD)
Leonie Cohen's "Jerusalem" (CD)
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Leonie Cohen’s Jerusalem album works so well as the effortless-sounding fusion of Jewish melodies and Jazz. Her musical arrangement sounds like natural folk music, not like the disparate marriage of unrelated cultures. Among the selections, of course, is a one-of-a-kind Hava Nagila!

“Cohen’s piano is glorious. Not only is her playing extremely tasteful and sure, her sound is beautiful.”
Greg Levine - Jazz Australia November 2005

“Jerusalem is a fresh approach to jazz that I wholeheartedly recommend, even if your jazz doesn’t extend past Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. Cohen’s own playing is spacious and lyrical whether soloing or in support. The music is seductive and melodic and the solos are often exquisite.”
Dave Curry - Canberra Times, June 16 2005

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