It seems safe to say you won't find this array of Hava collectibles anywhere else in the world. So go ahead, "hava" good time while making a tax-deducitble donation to a film that not only entertains, but teaches a 100-year Jewish history lesson too!
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Hava Music Box
Fill the bath, light some candles...Nothing relaxes like a soothing version of Hava Nagila played on your very own rare music box. ..
Harvey Doll
Is there someone you're really annoyed with? Give him/her this rabbi who dances incessantly to Hava Nagila. That will show 'em! Sure you can get this delightful, dancing doll elsewhere for much cheaper, but not with a tax-donation and as much nachas! ..
Collectible! Hava Nagila--16 Favorite Israeli Folksongs (Jacket Only)
Collectible! We purchased this album for its cover. There is no album inside, but in this case, the classic chaluztic cover is the item itself. Put it in a frame! ..
Collectible! Hava Nagila Sheet Music for the Organ
Collectible! Always wanted to know how to play Hava Nagila on the organ? This sheet music provides a concert style arrangement. Don't play the organ? This vintage sheet music is suitable for framing!   ..
Moshe Nathanson Sings Israel (Vinyl)
One of the great debates surrounding Hava Nagila is if Moshe Nathanson or Abraham Idelsohn wrote the lyrics to the song. Here is Moshe Nathanson’s recording of the Hava with lyrics he claimed to have written when he was a 12-year-old student of A.Z. Idelsohn in Jerusalem. This is a ve..
Director's Pick! Music Box, 3 Children
Director's Pick! This charming, one-of-a-kind centerpiece is a rotating music box playing the soothing sound of Hava Nagila. Can anyone explain why these blond, blue-eyed children are playing the national anthem of Jewishness? ..
 Authentic Israeli Folk Dances (Vinyl)
From the Brandeis Camp Institute comes a vintage album full of authentic Israeli songs and folk dances, including of course, Hava Nagila. This rare album was a gift from beloved Israeli folk-dance leading light, Dani Dassa. ..
Glen Campbell; "True Grit/Hava Nagila" signed (Vinyl)
ONE OF A KIND! In 1969 Glen Campbell released the Oscar-nominated title song to the hit film "True Grit" starring John Wayne. On the B-side was one of the most rocking versions of Hava Nagila ever recorded. The record is signed by Glen Campbell himself! ..
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